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  1. I've been using ColorFabb PLA/PHA for every day printing on my UMO for a while now. I like the reduced brittleness and increased toughness and it's all been high quality. UM included a roll of Tough PLA with my S5, and so far it seems nice as well, but I'm not familiar enough with it yet to make a detailed comparison. Has anybody found any significant advantages for one over the other? I need to buy some more filament soon in different colors and I was planning to stick with PLA/PHA for my everyday printing needs because I'm familiar with it, it's a little cheaper, and it comes in many more colors, but I thought I'd check in here to see if anybody had any compelling reasons to switch.
  2. Hey nallath, Thanks for the reply. I'll check out the god-mode plugin, I wasn't aware of it.
  3. Let's say I wanted to create a new Ultimaker S5 generic PLA profile with the initial layer speed (speed_layer_0) set to 40/70ths of the print speed (speed_print) instead of the 20/70ths from the profile provided by Ultimaker (speed_layer_0 = =math.ceil(speed_print * 20 / 70)). How would I do this? Things I've tried: 1) Putting my changes into the extruder_left file for the profile in the quality_changes folder of my Cura configuration. This almost works. The calculated value shows up correctly when initially switching to the profile, but if I change the print speed the initial layer speed does not get updated like the other calculated values do. 2) Copying one of the built-in quality files from the Cura installation into my Cura configuration quality folder, changing the name, and making my changes. This also almost works, but in a different way. Instead of showing up as a new profile in Cura (with the new name) it seems to overwrite the built-in profile I based it on. For example if I copy the "Fast" profile, even if I change the name to "Fast2" it doesn't show up as a separate profile but if I select "Fast" in Cura my settings changes are applied. Is there some key to getting this to work that I'm missing? I'm interested in knowing how to do this partially out of curiosity and partly with an eye toward making improvements to the generic profiles better tailored toward my preferred print settings and the materials I print with with more flexibility than using absolute values as Cura does when making changes in the UI.
  4. I just got an S5, and while printing I'm not seeing the bed/hot end temperature information on the Cura Monitoring tab (items 3 and 4 on the second screenshot here). I only see the loaded materials and the currently printing part. Am I missing something? I'm running Cura 3.6.0.
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