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  1. I've been using ColorFabb PLA/PHA for every day printing on my UMO for a while now. I like the reduced brittleness and increased toughness and it's all been high quality. UM included a roll of Tough PLA with my S5, and so far it seems nice as well, but I'm not familiar enough with it yet to make a detailed comparison. Has anybody found any significant advantages for one over the other? I need to buy some more filament soon in different colors and I was planning to stick with PLA/PHA for my everyday printing needs because I'm familiar with it, it's a little c
  2. Hey nallath, Thanks for the reply. I'll check out the god-mode plugin, I wasn't aware of it.
  3. Let's say I wanted to create a new Ultimaker S5 generic PLA profile with the initial layer speed (speed_layer_0) set to 40/70ths of the print speed (speed_print) instead of the 20/70ths from the profile provided by Ultimaker (speed_layer_0 = =math.ceil(speed_print * 20 / 70)). How would I do this? Things I've tried: 1) Putting my changes into the extruder_left file for the profile in the quality_changes folder of my Cura configuration. This almost works. The calculated value shows up correctly when initially switching to the profile, but if I change the print speed
  4. I just got an S5, and while printing I'm not seeing the bed/hot end temperature information on the Cura Monitoring tab (items 3 and 4 on the second screenshot here). I only see the loaded materials and the currently printing part. Am I missing something? I'm running Cura 3.6.0.
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