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  1. I am having a difficult time with tree supports generated and exported from Meshmixer. I painstakingly generated them on this complex model with the hope of importing them into Cura. I brought my support in, then imported the model itself and zero it out. However, I just can't get the two to align such that the tip of the supports is touching the model. It is always offset by what looks like a millimeter or so. In Meshmixer: \ Just the supports in Cura (does the striping mean something is wrong?) Both in Cura: Closeup demonstrating the support offsets: How do I ensure the supports line up correctly? Also, a follow-up question: The plan was to use ABS for the main and HIPS for the support, or one kind of PLA for the main and another (cheaper) kind for the support, so that it's easier to see what to remove on a model like this. Curious if anyone has thoughts on whether it's better to just better to disable Extruder 2 and print all with the same material for a complex model. Many thanks!
  2. I was planning to print with some ColorFabb transparent Co-Polyester from on my Ultimaker 3. The hope was that I could use it with Ultimaker brand PVA support material in the 2nd head. However, the Co-polyester's processing temp is 220-240 degrees C. I know that PVA will not support materials with significantly higher printing temps, but this seems like a grey zone. Also, just saw this on Ultlimaker's site: "PVA is only supported on the Ultimaker 3 and is currently optimized to serve as a support structure for either PLA or Nylon." This suggests that there may be a problem combining these materials? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for clarifying. Still seems like an awful lot of material to purge just to wipe the nozzle. I still have a lot to learn in judging what types of models need what, it seems.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I just printed a new model with a prime tower. I placed it near the spot where I was getting all the deposits (back right) and as close as I could get to the model. The issue does seem to be largely gone (although I didn't print the same model to compare 1-to-1 yet). Interestingly, the noodly deposits were evenly distributed around the tower, rather than clustered in the back right corner as I would have expected. Curious why that is. But the main question I have now: is there a way to disable Extruder 2's infill material in the tower, or reduce it? The tower consumes a lot of time and material (adding ~23% for my current model). And that's with the minimum tower size I could set (which was 11mm minimum size/3mm cubed minimum volume size to avoid the minimum volume box turning orange). The slicer is currently filling all the rest with PVA. That seems like overkill, especially since my primary issue seems to be with Extruder 1 (the silver PLA). I want to conserve as much PVA as I can, any tips for reducing waste in the tower?
  5. I've been having a consistent issue with my new Ultimaker 3. I'm using the Ultimaker brand of silver PLA, with its PVA as a support. However, my printer consistently leaves these deposits of PLA material, only on the back right corner of the model on the bed. It seems like it's not retracting properly when the head changes direction. I am using the UM3 default settings for temperature and retraction and such. What is going wrong?
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