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  1. @smartavionics I think I could help with those. Think walls: I will setup a few test prints with thin walls to see what kind of results I'm getting. It was something I had planned to do as I have a use case for it but haven't used it yet. Inter-wall gap filling. This is something I've struggled with in cura specifically. Here's a picture (picture 1) of one of my test prints I did for the small hole features. You'll notice my walls now look great on these small holes but the infill struggles to connect to them. I can improve this by slowing it down the first layer speed. In this print I have 10% wall overlap and it still wasn't enough to completely resolve the inside walls. The outside walls actually have excessive overlap creating a small texture on the print where it over extrudes. As far as I'm away there isn't a way to change the overlap for curved surfaces vs straight or inside vs outside or large vs small etc. You'll also see in picture 2 the area in the corner where it has a similar but different problem. That corner prints right after the outside wall. It makes a very short combing move without retraction to the corner then starts printing. It doesn't adhere properly in that area for what I believe is the same reason as the small features have issues, likely related to the very quick change of direction. Again changing speed helps this. I may be able to improve it by changing acceleration as well.
  2. Hi @smartavionics I just wanted to say thank you for posting these, in particular, the windows version. I recently downloaded it and started using it in hopes of using some of your additional settings. Simply put, they did exactly what I needed an solved my issue. The settings for first layer wall speed and small feature speed to gave me the ability to continue to run my prints at my regular speed while slowing down the small circles and walls that were having trouble adhering to the build surface. If there is a way I can give back or help, don't hesitate to ask.
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