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  1. @danielkrice @gr5 Thank you very much for a reply and clarification on the problem. In the end, we solved the issue by increase the temperature to 225C. To be more specific, at .15mm layers Ultimaker Green PLA : 60mm/sec at 210C Ultimaker Blue PLA : 60mm/sec at 225C My additional question : If we feed too much filaments, will there be the case of over-extrusion (more filament that it needed)?
  2. Thank you for your reply. Both materials are 'Ultimaker PLA 2.85'. I believed they are same. Let me try to increase the temperature (the room temperature is kind of colder now, compared to the time I print the green one).
  3. I have problem printing a simply cube object using Ultimaker 2+. Below show the comparison of two objects; Green --> Successful printed Blue --> Failed printed (defect); and the printed cube has less strength than normal. I can squeeze (and maybe destroy) it easily with two fingers. Both print with the same Ultimaker PLA 2.85 material (just a different color), and the same CURA file. What wrong with the printing in blue? I used to face this problem once last year, but after I reprinted, the problem disappears. This time, even though I tried to print multiple times, the problem still persist.
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