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  1. here's a suggestion: can you make it not show the red overhang warning for parts that are touching the bed? or perhaps show in a different color, would be useful. thanks
  2. hi, is there a way to make cura don't show the overhand warning in red where the model is touching the bed?
  3. can you pin the side panel like the older version? I don't see the need for a whole screen viewport as you don't really do any modeling on cura, and most of the time you're just tweaking settings (at least for me).
  4. hi, I love the feature to specify X and Y positions of the Z seam, but it's sort of a hassle to count the grid lines to figure out where you want the seam. is there a way to visualize the specified position? or perhaps an indicator of the mouse cursor's position as reference? if not, wouldn't it be a very useful addition?
  5. hi, doesn't support blocks work with custom support meshes? I know I could just edit my custom mesh to exclude the parts I'm trying to exclude with the support block, but it would be much easier to see it in real time inside cura's viewport.
  6. well, so the thing is I have this printer for like 2 months and I've experienced a bad case of stringing out of the box. I've been playing with every possible setting, reading everything about it online, forums, articles, guides, trying to fix stringing. changing temperature, retraction, coasting, calibrating filament diameter and extruder steps, nothing made a meaningful difference. I gave up at a certain point and accepted that either the extruder or the filaments that I have access to are bad, until I tried to go back to default settings and disabling z hop, and for my surprise,
  7. Hi, my models are always getting knocked over if I have more than 1 piece printing at the same time, sometimes even if it's just one piece. I always use rafts and hairspray and even so prints get knocked over. is this because of acceleration and jerk? cura defaults for this printer are 500 for accel, 5000 for travel accel, 20 jerk and 30 travel jerk. I used simplify3d before and it didn't have accel and jerk controls, and printing seemed waaay slower, even if I set printing speed to 120mm/s (double of my cura which is set to default 60mm/s). I get kinda tense watching c
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