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  1. I know this is a blast from the past, but I have this same problem with just a slight twist and the links above are dead. My issue is with an S5 but is the same idea. My S5s are connected hardwire to a private network that is very tightly controlled. The S5s will never have direct access to the internet, but I do now have both DNS and DHCP service on this network and the server (a VM of Windows Server 2016) does have internet connection and I am assuming can somehow provide time to clients. I just cannot figure out how to do it yet. I would even be ok with setting th
  2. Adam, Sorry I did not see this earlier. We have had good connection with Ultimaker for a while. I am Brad Baker and am the Director for the MakerSpace at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Our website is here: https://www.makerspaceusna.com/ and you will see several different aspects where we use Ultimakers and a range of other printers as well. We have at least one video of one of our graduates showing how to use an S5 (https://www.makerspaceusna.com/how-to-printer-videos?wix-vod-video-id=faa3d3f1d91d40918d56f89298df1bb7&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-jy1te1ch).
  3. Thanks. I thought the part was already cool already since it had been sitting for some time but maybe not cool enough. Any idea if the problem is made worse by PC? We have not printed much with PC yet. Thanks also for the link for a new plate. The very first thing I did was order a new plate from matterhackers.
  4. We have had 2 S5s in my MakerSpace for a while and they have been performing very well. We just recently started going with other filament choices and a student printed a few PC pieces for a project. When I went to remove his most recent PC part this morning it was very strongly adhered and I used my standard thin metal spatula approach to peel the part off and the entire build plate shattered quite dramatically. The part had been sitting for several hours and I am not sure if he had set the plate to cool after print (although the bed was not warm when I removed his part). Anyon
  5. Here the full guide for anybody who might need it: Edited July 24, 2018 by freesbee I finally gotround to settings a static IP to my first of 2 Ultimaker S5s (the other one is currently printing). The process was super easy and I do not really see any issue with it. I know there is a lot discussion of why to set a static and then why we have do it using the way mentioned, but as long as everyone accepts my reasoning for wanting static, then I am willing to accept this method to do it. Personally I had not problems or fears using this method an
  6. Thank you for the understanding!!! I completely agree and do not want to start a static/DHCP argument but I feel that some situations lend themselves to static and some are fine with DHCP. I have found that I have continual problems discovering printers when going DHCP, but I will also admit that my situation is unusual and potentially not optimal, but bottom line static just works for me. I looked around my router interface and did not immediately see a way to give the Ultimakers a static IP and I plan to shift my router to AP mode very soon anyway. I only use this cheap router as a way f
  7. I just added 2 Ultimaker S5s to my University MakerSpace colleciton of 20+ printers and the Ultimakers appear to be the best so far by a large margin. I apologize if this is not the correct thread to post my 2 questions but this seems like a well moderated thread and I have not been able to find complete answers elsewhere. Here goes... Can/how I give the S5 a static IP and I apologize in advance for rehashing this question. I see references here how to do it but no complete answer. Also I would prefer to avoid the "why do you want static, DHCP is better?!" discussion. I live i
  8. I just want to jump in on this topic largely in hopes that I will get notified when/if this changes. I manage 20+ printers on a private network and just added 2 Ultimaker S5s. Switching them to static IP via DHCP would be highly desirable. I will also look into configuring them as static on my router. I am IT literate enough to the point where I know enough to get myself into trouble, i.e. I will probably destroy my pvt network. Semi-related, it looks my S5s show up in my router table with their original name (or some version of it). I give all my printers unique na
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