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  1. Hi GR5 Yes your right - i looked and it showed the support as you said. But i do agree - best put some supports in cad - especially for those canitlever bits where there is nothing underneath. I should have added something thin in CAD that i could easily remove after it's printed. My CAD skills are poor as i normally have a cad guy at work to drawing work for me. I am using a 30 day trial version of ACAD that i am playing around with at home. Took me about 10 hours to do that candle thing - thats how poor my cad skills are. Many thanks again - am learning slowly.
  2. HI Guys Thanks for your input. It does indeed appear to be the support material - because when i break it into 2 pieces - the actual candelstick i modelled is inside - but i cannot remove all the support material that has been fused onto it. When i remove the create support prior to slicing - it prints out fine. Jeez - i tried it 4 times before i saw your comment and unticked the "support" box on Cura. GR5- netfabb sounds like a great resource to have access to - many thanks for the link. Thank again.
  3. Hi I have printed out a candle stick - which is created in Autocad 19 - looks fine in Autocad. I create an STL file and import into Cura 3.6.0 - again looks fine. But when it prints - what is on the screen in ACAD/CURA doesnt print out right. See screenshots below. Can anyone help?
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