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  1. Thanks for the replies. I know what happened now: The little pressure indicator thingy popped out of place when I first took it apart and then I put it back together wrong. I took the gearbox off and rebuilt it using that guide. I just printed a test robot and it looks great!
  2. I did the upgrade kit to take my UM2 to UM2+. At the point where you install the new the geared feeder, I couldn't immediately get the metal mounting bracket off, so I thought I should try unscrewing the 4 screws on the face of the gear box. I heard and felt what seemed like parts under tension shifting around when the screws came out. I'm guessing I broke that piece? youtube vid at 1:51 https://youtu.be/bPyqqpPO8a0?t=111 The piece I'm talking about is at: https://ultimaker.com/en/products/extrusion-upgrade-kit If you scroll down to "What's the in Kit" - it's #4 On a different note, the black braided bundle of hotend wires comes out right where the PLA goes in from the spool. Seems they will rub on each other, which seems like a bad thing. youtube vid at 2:06 https://youtu.be/bPyqqpPO8a0?t=126 Is this a known thing? I was going to do something janky to force the black bundle out of the way to the side. Thanks!
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