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  1. I solved this by rolling back to 3.5.0. Not sure what 3.6.0 changed but it is either overloading the Arduino processor and it cant keep up with the nozzle or something is bugging the nozzle controls. I have not had an issue since going back. On a different note, anyone want to purchase 30 or so partial prints?
  2. Well slowing down the print speed from 60mm/s to 45mm/s and no more Thermal Runaways. I am still seeing a lack of hot end control but ... I ma printing again. LFG
  3. Smartavionics, I didn't see anything in the code either. I I haven't tuned the PI but as I said I have no issue with most other prints. And my current 3 printers are basically custom home builds. Two of them started life as Anet A8s but I have completely change to my own frame design and mounting system and have swapped out the control boards with Ramps 1.4s; basically their just a custom printer using old Anet parts. gr5, I think our on track with the wall thickness multiples. I have am slicing with three walls for a normal outer wall thickness of 1.2-mm.
  4. I have been trying to solve a thermal runaway issue for some time and I have finally narrowed it down to the sliced g-code from Cure 3.6.0. I know, it doesn't make much sense but let me see if I can describe it in sufficient detail. I first noticed it during printing of a DnD hex dice case. I got he model off of Thingiverse a while ago and printed numerous prints of both the base and lid. I recently loaded it in TinkerCAD and added a design to the top which I then sliced in the top down orientation with the recently updated Cura 3.6.0 and the print failed at the point where it was
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