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  1. Hi. I think so. By this, I mean I changed my old email address to match the one with the same name as this account, and got this error - I tried logging in again, and here I am. Hopefully it is all fixed now. Thank you so much for helping. Susi x PS I have just tried logging in with a different browser. All seems fixed! You sir, are a star! 🙂
  2. Hi SandervG I am an idiot who cannot type 😞 Should have been Sue3DDesigns. (same as the email address spelling) I am so so sorry.
  3. Hi. I am having the same problem - two very similar accounts that were created after the change (because the first was unrecoverable), have now become hoplessly intertwined. I emailed Ultimaker directly a couple of weeks ago about this as I could not get on the forum at all (got no reply). After another extended attempt to get on here, I finally managed it! Now I get the error - Can someone please email/PM/fix this? Please Delete one, or both accounts so I can reregister. I am trying to make an account with Sue3DDesgns as the
  4. Thank you making me aware of this plugin. I think this will be really useful. (I would hit the Like button, but apparently I have 'liked' too many posts today already. 😉 ) Cheers, Susi.
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