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  1. I'm looking for a decent PVA i.e. one that prints well (usually a pita with the PVAs I've used so far) and dissolves properly without leaving globs on the print. What I've seen on Amazon all have poor reviews. 1.75mm please. Printing with PLA.
  2. There's stuff in Cura I don't want. Specifically all the included materials and profiles. They only clutter it up. Is it possible to delete these and only have the ones I enter?
  3. Same here. I have a Creality CR-X. Dual extrusion with one nozzle. Thought I'd give the beta a go as it came with a profile for my printer. Results so far: It still gets the prime tower print order wrong. It'll print layer 1 with T0 then print layer 1 for the tower also with T0. However it should print layer 1 for the tower with T1. Instead it simply retracts T0, feeds in T1 and continues with layer 1 causing massive colour contamination. On tool change it rapids to the tower position, pauses for 10 seconds, rapids back to the print, rapids back to the tower, prints two perimeters of the tower and then rapids back to the print. (I might be able to solve this by entering a minimum extrusion volume for the tower.) If I check Z-Hop I get a 10 second pause at every z lift and at the beginning and end of every rapid move. I cannot find a way of disabling this pause. Already the 4.1 beta looks more promising than 4.0 but until these issues are remedied its still not usable.
  4. Btw this is for Cura 4 beta (although that shouldn't make a difference) and the printer is a Creality CR-X
  5. I believe that the M92 command is modal i.e. it is active til it is cancelled. Is this correct. As far as I can tell if I put it at the beginning of the g-code it should be fine the entirety of the program. Also not really how to differentiate between the two extruders. Does the M92 command effect both equally? If not then how do I apply separate values to the different extruders? Thanks.
  6. Nevermind. Using the 'cut off object bottom' solved this.
  7. Due to a dip in my HBP I thought I try a raft for a dual colour print. Thing is Cura created a raft for the purge tower but not the actual item. How can I fix this? Currently the item is only started several layers up. Cura 15.04.6
  8. Hi everyone, first post I recently bought a Creality CR-X and am enjoying my dual extrusion prints. Thing is, I can only do one at a time. I would like to do multiple dual extrusions in program (not the same model). It looks like Cura can't do this but I am new to the software so maybe I missed something. Using Cura 15.04.6 (recommended by Creality). Thanks in advance.
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