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  1. Filament Junkie Windows updates?? Never, ever, ever give your computer unchallenged access from the internet. Microsoft happily wiped out several important programs when allowed to update unhindered!! Never again. Luckily I had a full backup. I am aware of the risks, mainly from you guys, for which I thank you. I was ignorant of how it all worked but now have a handle on it. This particular computer is the only one of my four that is Internet enabled. The rest are networked to this one with the internet barred. I also have an uninterruptible power supply for the printer and its PC. geert_2 I didn't reboot the computer - I only started Cura 4.3.0, I was using the version of Cura supplied with the printer which is 15.04.3, it was Cura 4.3.0 that reset the printer motherboard while I was using the SD socket to print my Dragon. It hasn't happened again so I am a little at a loss as to why it happened the one time I needed it. One thing I must say about all of this is simply that the help from you guys has been tremendous and after all Cura is FREE it would be a little mean to complain about a terrific piece of software that is given away "free gratis and for nothing!" I love it and I hug my printer every night whether it is running or not, the wife not so much. Regards Trevor
  2. So? Nobody said remove the cable! I'm sorry guys but print with USB is the way to go. Cura 4.3.0 has put it back in; so someone must find it useful. I printed the dragon via SD card again, it took 9 hours, and I had to baby sit the printer for the whole time, not with USB, I trust my computer! It's now printing iron man and I've started Cura 4.3.0, to follow a video tutorial, no problem so I can't help thinking the easy way will always be the easy way. I have one of those displays that have five buttons not a rotary encoder so scrolling through the SD menu is a nuisance to say the least. Print with USB is right on the computer's monitor in front of me I don't even have to get out of my seat. Mind you my wife has always said my only endearing characteristic is my bone idleness. When all is said and done I am having great fun with the printer and if I didn't have a wife I would probably marry it, it's far less fickle and a lot less noisy. Oops gotta go she's shouting at me again. Regards Trevor
  3. OK! I decided to use the SD card to print one of my dragons. Modeled in Smith Micro POSER. It was going to be a long print! It was doing well and I thought I would get on with another job but I needed to check what my settings were in CURA 4.3.0. BAD MISTAKE!! As soon as Cura booted up the printer reset ruining the print! So the only computer controlled failure I have ever had was using the SD card. In the year I have had the printer the USB print system has never failed. I have made mistakes and aborted prints etc etc. but never had a failure or reset in my entire operating life when printing via USB only when printing by SD. I will remember not to start CURA while printing from SD. Regards Trevor
  4. Make sure your printer is set to the correct com port in Machine settings menu. If the com port is set to AUTO it doesn't work! (Mine needs to be set to COM 7)
  5. Now I see why you guys seem to have no difficulty with SD cards! You have a slot on the display! Mine is a micro SD slot buried in the wiring on the mother board. Having got a full sized SD card extension I can now shift from computer to printer quickly. I have upgraded to Cura 4.3 which seems to have more options but the manual is very unfriendly to say the least but I will "endeavor to persevere". I have managed to brick my mother board but the good guys at Gucoco replaced it for me, within a week, so my long suffering wife even remembered who I was for that week! Regards Trevor
  6. Thanks. I'll give that a try. (just for the hell of it). Regards Trevor
  7. Hi Marcottt, HOW??? Just for fun cos I can't find a way! SLOW SLOW is quick enough when you have all the spare time the wife will let you have. Regards Trevor
  8. Thanks for this, that's how I thought The USB system worked. Why can't one use the USB to download Gcode to the SD card. That would seem to be the best of all Worlds. Oh well we can't have everything. Oops the wife awaits. Regards Trevor
  9. Hi, I am not into Raspberry Pi. I personally prefer Arduino kit (It's cheaper, and my wife limits my pocket money, she spends most of it. I do have a Linux device call a Pcduino which runs a form of Linux. If and it's a very big "if" I download and can install Octoprint what am I gaining? Are we not in the same position with respect to the reliability of the wifi connection? I understand that an SD card in the printer is as reliable as it gets; but what are the advantages of using a Pi and Octoprint? By the way my computer backed itself up last night (Sunday) and had no effect on the latest print. ("Squid attack" from Thingiverse). Thanks for all your efforts. Regards Trevor
  10. Sorry if you get 2 replies from me to this post but I fouled up the first one! Yes that's what I thought too. But I can't find a way to communicate with the SD card via the Comm port involved with the printer. I had got used to sending files to my various Arduino devices and letting them go their own sweet way. I have an extension SD cable to bring the port to the top of the printer for accessibility purposes. But faffing about with fiddly little cards is counter productive at my age! (Life's too short to safely remove USB devices!) Regards Trevor
  11. We learn all the time. You're right I got used to the arduino and its interface and downloading the whole file to the device. When I used CNC and GRBL code, I never realised that it was only downloading one line of Gcode at a time! However, I am using the internet to answer this email, 3DS max 2014 to work on my next model, playing an audio book from Amazon, printing a model with Cura and keeping an ear open for my wife. None of this has, so far, affected any of my prints. So the convenience of using USB is still important. I will probably remember this conversation when I do a LONG print. I will also see what happens on Sunday night when my PC automatically back itself up! So far I have not done anything of sufficient importance to warrant using the SD slot I will however use it if I cannot afford to waste the print. Thank you for explaining to me. Regards
  12. Hi Guys, Like I said I'm new to this 3D printing. My printer has a USB port built in! The SD slot is buried in amongst the cables for all the motors and end stop sensors etc. It is a micro SD port and is therefor fiddly my (Windows) PC has a standard SD socket so I need an adapter and I suggest it takes more than 6 seconds to change. BUT what has all this got to do with Raspberry pi's and Arduinos? If my machine (Windows) PC decides to update itself, or I want to play a game or anything, other than a complete shutdown, the USB is unaffected. At 115200 baud the Gcode is dumped in seconds, and the printer effectively becomes autonomous. Mind you I have no experience with Mac hardware so they may be different. I have a Prusa i3 clone from Geetech using Cura 15.04.3. When all is said and done I turned on my 3D printer imported an obj file from 3DS max into Cura hit the "print with USB" button and away it went. Not the world's best print but my Grandson was delighted with the disembodied head that resulted. (Which is what my head will be if I don't help my wife with the housework!) Thanks for the help.
  13. Dreadedhill. If you are trying to connect to something as complex as a printer using a Mac I suggest you get a Windows PC. But, kidding aside, Why do you say :- "You do not want to be printing via directly connected USB." Why would you want to fritter around with a Micro SD card? Good heavens it takes about 5 minutes to swap from PC (even a MAC) to Printer. Whereas a reliable USB system takes one button push. Or are you suggesting that USB is not as safe and reliable as SD? I am a newbie to 3d printing but my wife is threatening to make herself a widow if I don't spend less time with this horribly addictive gadget!
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