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  1. Yes it was. And the part would break a part as there was very little layer adhesion.
  2. Hi @smartavionics , sorry for hijacking the thread, but I didn't know where to report is. Using your version I noticed that using adaptive layers does not respect the layer height. I printed it trying different settings and confirmed that the layers are too high. CE3_Z-84 Wing Leading Edge 280mm.3mf
  3. Thank you very much. I tried the same setting in 3.6 and it was terrible, in your release Cura-mb-master-20190114.dmg it worked great with those tweaks. Do you think your changes are going to be part of the 4.0 official release? Any caveats or known issues that I should be aware while using your release? Again thank you very much you saved me from having to learn how to use Slic3r!
  4. Thank you @smartavionics for the quick response. Notice that Cura breaks the single wall in a bunch of little segments, and this makes the print weak on those points were the wall is not made with a single pass. I tried most setting and wall widths but I cannot find a way to force cura to use a single pass for the wall. Thank you, CE3_Z-84 Wing Leading Edge.3mf
  5. @smartavionics, thank you for your work, I downloaded Cura-mb-master-20190114.dmg bt I can get to slice using a single line a very simple design. As you can see is a single line but Cura keeps breaking the wall, unchecking Print Thin Walls, make part of the wall disappear. In Slic3er the wall is made perfectly in a single pass.. Z-84 Wing Leading Edge.stl Z-84 Wing Leading Edge Slic3r.gcode
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