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  1. It seems that the per model setting for infill is treated like it's own object and so it inherits the same 4 walls, 6 top layers and 4 bottom from the model, which means layer view shows 8 walls are created. This increases time and material used. Besides adding the Infill setting for 20%, I need to add walls, top and bottom layers and set them all to 0. If you had 4 walls set for infill, and the infill box is within the model, layer view will show the model use 4 walls, and then you'll see the infill area with it's own 4 walls.
  2. When trying to use the menu scale option, I found that with Uniform Scaling NOT checked, a change to X value would still cause a change to Y and Z. If I click on Transform menu and return to Scale menu, you can see the Uniform Scaling is CHECKED. Closing and restarting did not fix the problem, however other times it seems to work s expected.
  3. I'm trying to reduce print time and material used. I am using the per model setting to add more specific settings. Most of this model can be 5% but I want 20% in indicated areas to make a smoother surface for flat area or 45 degree angle at the bottom. The middle of the base is set to make sure no supports are added since not needed on the minor bulges. Looking at the layer view from top to bottom, the results are exactly what I want, however the estimated print time and material grams used are more than simply using 20% infill everywhere. This makes no sense, especially since it should print much faster. Why is this happening?
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