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  1. hm well the speed of the print isnt a problem i think since im printing with 18mm/s. Hm where exactly would you make such marks? i already saw a post concerning this topic where cooling the stepper motor helped. the print head moves slowly as far as i know. (im printing in the university so i dont always have acces to it)
  2. Ok so i tried it and checked if the bands were tighter than before and they were. But now there are even more steps in my build. Is there a certain way to tighten the screws??
  3. Awesome thank you very much ill report how it works after i did that 🙂
  4. So ive been trying to print these parts standing up in order to change the fiber direction. When i printed them laying down it was no problem whatsoever but when i print them standing up this happens. I already looked at the sliced parts in cura and it looks fine. the shift is only in the y-axis, otherwise the print is good enough quaility wise. Does anyone know how i could possibly fix this problem? Cheers, Christian
  5. So I am currently working on my Master Thesis and I need to print some implants to test afterwards. I have to change the Orientation of the parts to see if it gets stronger when the filament is in the direction of the force. I have attached the Problem I am having. I turned this implant 90 degrees but I cant find the correct setting to support the overhang of the part. There IS support but the part just starts mid air and doesnt touch the support. I searched around a bit and didn't find any solution yet. Printer is Ultimaker 2+ and i'm using PLA. Any help would be awesome. Cheers, Christian UM2_Long Cage Lumbar 10mm.curaproject.3mf
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