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  1. Hi everyone 🙂 I have recently bought a UM3 (1 week ago) and it have made around 15 perfect prints, of the same print. When it came to the last print, it made a shift, I thought it was just a 1 time issue, i then made 1 more print but it really made a bad print. I have seached the forum for all the adwise, and I have checked/lubricated everything, just wondering if you have any good inputs after looking at my pictures? Regards Nicolai
  2. Hi guys, Could some one eplain me why my prints start to warp severeal hours into to printing??? The beginning it was fine, no warp at all. now i see some corners starts to bend. I print with Ultimakers black PC. The lid of my box was completely closed, now I have opened it a little bit, to let som of the warm air out, fearing that it was because it was too hot inside?? regards Nicolai
  3. Hi everyone. The company i work in recently bought a Ultimaker 3, since we are going to make some End-Use holder for a spirit bargun, I was told that the Ultimaker was the best 3D printer to go for, so we didnt need to use too much time on setup.. I had just struggles abit, making the print "perfect" Yesterday i finnally started up to print 6 pcs at the same time, but 30 min into the print, 1 of the units start to warp in the corner. I then restarted the process and instead of printing 6 i set it to print 3. It then started again, but this tim
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