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  1. The extra travel and deposition does not appear in the slicer.
  2. I am trying to print a simple part as shown in the picture, the nozzle however keeps traveling to the corner and deposits an extra unconnected lines on the left. Anyone has had this problem ? I could not find the reason for this in the cura slicer settings.
  3. Thank you for the comment gr5 that helped a lot. 1) The test is also done in the build direction , the layers are pulled apart. I will try to program the nozzle to keep going without extrusion an extra distance forward in gcode. 2)Fans are on 100% 3) 4) I will print slower and maybe make pauses between layers or print two parts at the same time . 5) i will run it at 10mm and maybe try with thermal camera to see differences . 6)That is a great tip , i will disable that , slice again and check changes in the gcode. Thank you for the very helpful tips.
  4. Thank you for the reply smithy. I uploaded the 3mf and a picture of the slice. I am printing parallel non connected infill lines to test bond strength . (This geometry is perfectly suitable for my test setup) UMS5_Block-print.3mf
  5. I tried to print a plate upward with 0.8 Nozzle. It seems to have over extrusion and beginning and at end , but the middle of the line looks perfect . This was done on Ultimaker 5 PLA material. Any suggestions on how to fix it ?
  6. Thank you for the replies. I will try this to get every layer in different color. So i am calculating the length.
  7. Has anyone tested extruding pieces of filament of different color ? Any suggestion for a better way to do this ?
  8. This is interesting. Very similar design. I hope at some point it would be implemented as automatic generation option.
  9. I just found the easy solution staring me in the face in cura !!! Just switch Infill extruder to "Not overridden".
  10. I managed to slice each part independently and generate two gcodes. Then i combined the gcodes in notepad++ and it is now working. I hope the manual solution could become a feature in cura at some point.
  11. I am trying to print a part with two materials. I need to fill one section with nozzle 1 and infill with nozzle 1 and then when i switch to nozzle 2 , and i want the infill to also be nozzle 2 . Cura 4.2.1 says " The settings is always shared between all extruders " it always sets the infill to one default nozzle. I cannot independently select the infill nozzle. Is there already a method to remove this link between nozzle settings ? Is there a work around ?
  12. You can get two new print cores AA and BB if you buy a new printer. Just buy a new printer anytime the nozzle clogs.
  13. Thank you dxp. One at a time is a great feature i did not know about it. Now i can print 4 specimens together. I have to keep large space between them. I wish i could do more. So what about that "Sequential" suggestion ?
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