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  1. This is interesting. Very similar design. I hope at some point it would be implemented as automatic generation option.
  2. I just found the easy solution staring me in the face in cura !!! Just switch Infill extruder to "Not overridden".
  3. I managed to slice each part independently and generate two gcodes. Then i combined the gcodes in notepad++ and it is now working. I hope the manual solution could become a feature in cura at some point.
  4. I am trying to print a part with two materials. I need to fill one section with nozzle 1 and infill with nozzle 1 and then when i switch to nozzle 2 , and i want the infill to also be nozzle 2 . Cura 4.2.1 says " The settings is always shared between all extruders " it always sets the infill to one default nozzle. I cannot independently select the infill nozzle. Is there already a method to remove this link between nozzle settings ? Is there a work around ?
  5. You can get two new print cores AA and BB if you buy a new printer. Just buy a new printer anytime the nozzle clogs.
  6. Thank you dxp. One at a time is a great feature i did not know about it. Now i can print 4 specimens together. I have to keep large space between them. I wish i could do more. So what about that "Sequential" suggestion ?
  7. I am printing infill on Ultimaker s5 and s3. The default parallel lines are as shown on the left. By editing the g-code I obtain the alternating pattern on the right. Is there a feature in Cura that can have the infill lines shifted like this ?
  8. Thank you for the reply SandervG. The specimens have different layers heights , different speed prints... Maybe there is a way to have a "Sequential print" . To bundle the files into one Gcode that print them all. Then the machine could ask me to remove "Part1" and click resume, When part 2 is done , machine displays "Remove Part 2" and asks to resume... Could this be a feature.
  9. Got the S5 yesterday . It prints great PLA / ABS . Still getting used to the touch screen. Is there a tune option to adjust nozzle temperature during print ? I could not find that.
  10. I am printing hundreds of small parts sequentially. I need the prints to be independent but i do not want to wait for bed leveling for every print. Is there a way around that ? Bed leveling takes 1 minutes and i have 100 small parts to print, that means 100 minutes of waiting. I am printing tensile specimens and they need to be printed individually. Please advise. Another small question, is it possible to adjust nozzle temperature during print with the S5 ? (The universal option called "Tune" )
  11. Thank you . I will be buing the S5 by the end of the year.
  12. I really like the product but it surprises me that for it to print the second most used filament like ABS you need to adjust the printer. And again UM3 is not cheap. I just expect that at that price the door would be default. I know there is the core exchange technology and that costs research and i am also paying for the research. I really like the printer reliability and quality, but for the price it should be a solid choice for PLA / ABS / Nylon print without adjustments.
  13. Actually no. I was told there is no kit and i should go to third party. That was yesterday in Hannover. I found it on the website now. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/49779-installing-the-advanced-3d-printing-kit-for-the-ultimaker-3 The representative mentioned that a door i can buy or build would solve 80% of the problem. Third parties produce complete enclosure kits.https://www.matterhackers.com/store/l/ultimaker-3-enclosure-kit/sk/MJPRFC8C
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a suggestion to develop a new type of support that gows from the side of the printed part instead of the print bed. This could reduce material used for support and reduce print time. I have done two tests to compare, the design can be improved and i am sure a slincing algorythm can be added maybe in "Cura" to have Ramification support. I added Pictures and the models of two comparative parts. Let me know what you think and if you can develop the algorythm. This is totally open source suggestion i claim no right for. I only would like it to be named "Ramificaitons". (STL need to be rotated 90 degrees)
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