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  1. I'm trying to get some Dragonlock items to print and I am running into this strange print behavior. In the picture, the left model was printed along the x-axis and the right wall was printed along the y-axis. The left model has pieces missing from the top layers, but only five of the six bricks. It can't be bed drift, because it doesn't effect the entire model. Other info: Printed on an Ender 3 using Cura, all default settings. This happens every time I use this STL file. I've printed this 3 times, same results. This only happens along the x-axis. The y-axis model is fine, even when I print an x and a y axis print at the same time. Cura's layer preview doesn't show this behavior. Any ideas? Based on the contours, it almost looks like the whole brick-top is printing, just scaled to 80% width. How is that possible?
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