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  1. I’ve tried rafts with the same problem. It will slice the raft, and then start the supports 3-4 layers above it.
  2. Yeah, realizing how specialized a beast the Lulzbot edition is. Incidentally, I'm getting support if I set a model off the buildplate, so problem solved, if somewhat clunkily. Thanks
  3. I'm using Cura Lulzbot edition 3.2.32 (current) and I'm having difficulty printing objects with support at very small scales. The current project is a model tank that measures about 12x24 mm. Obviously, a tank model will need support under the hull while you're printing the tracks up to that level. Cura isn't adding support for that area until the fourth layer, which won't stick, of course. If I scale this model up a bit, it will print support appropriately, but it's having trouble at this smaller size. How can I force an area to print support? I've tried rafts, brims, etc, an
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