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  1. There's no correlation whatsoever between dimensional accuracy and the visual quality of the print. I too have been printing for years and it wasn't until I got a printer where I could adjust the step's /mm of the printers x, y and z axis and e-steps for managing wall thickness to tune the printer to be dimensionally accurate in all 4 dimensions (wall thickness being the 4th) that i realised that compensating for it in the printer is the right way to do it. If you don't have the ability to do that then cura has some options to try and help compensate which is great and
  2. Ummm. Ok. I used 3.6 and 3.4. Obviously the printer doesn't matter because no printer can print into thin air. Given that you're saying that Cura is not expected to handle this... Can you recommend other software then that does handle such a fundamental requirement of 3d printing? https://community.ultimaker.com/guidelines/
  3. What settings are needed to get Ultimaker Cura to generate ALL of the support for this model? There's plenty of support under the wings however the tail is unsupported. Support settings used are the default for support. I played around a bit and it made zero difference so better to ask than manually attempt the billions of settings variations. Thanks Dragonfly_t.stl
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