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  1. Second Sorry, it is a Customized Printer on basics of a CR10S4. I've two printers and prepared this sliced file for both printers.
  2. I've generated a printer in Cura with 4 extruders and 1 Nozzle. So my Printer in Cura is not a CR10S5 but a Customized printer with CR10S5 parameters. Sorry
  3. I generated this overlap to connect the different infillis. Because in the preview I have free space instead of the walls.
  4. Thanks for your response. It is a CR10S5 printer with one Extruder.
  5. Hello Community, I try to generate a Model based on 4 STL-Volums without anny Walls. The result has to be only the innfill connected and/or a bottom layer. The preview shows me a result without walls between the separat STL. But the printer prints the walls. Is there any posibillity to suppress the walls. Regards Lutz
  6. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Yes. I've done it for the small Models and they are enbedded in the big model. If I will set the Wall of the big model to zero than I'll have a result in the contact area between the small models and the big model. But the big model has then no wall at the outer conture.
  7. Hello Community, I've set the Wallthikness of the inner model (kidney and circle) to zero. But there is still the wall of the outer big model. Is it possible to remove this walls of the outer big model that enclose the smaler models (kidney and circle by holding the outer Wall of the big model. Regards Lutz
  8. Hi, hast du zu diesem Thema eine Lösung generieren können. Ich hab das Problem auch aber nur mit der Cura Software nicht mit Simplify.
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