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  1. Thanks for advise....unfortunately i cannot open/demount because is still under warranty. Already i call the dealership. The only thing what i can do i will try different model to print. i tried 3rd times on same model and was stopped in same X/Y but different Z.
  2. In last print job Ultimaker 2+ has shut down after 75% of printing, second time has stopped but with nozzle heated and last time after 1 hour again printer has shut down after 1 hour of printing.
  3. Thanks for answer i will come back with new results soon :)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new on 3d printer and i need some advice's in usage of ultimaker 2+. I just printed first model and i'm not quiet happy how is done. Please see attachment. Nozzle was preheated to 200 degree and Bed to 60 degrees.
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