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  1. Thank you peggyb and mastory for the replies, they helped a lot and now the UMO is back to work! It was a feeder-related problem: sometimes the bowden pops up, so the file that mastory linked was very useful, thank you so much again. The fan was temporarely removed when we disassembled the hot end the first time, now it's back to its place 😉
  2. Hello everyone, I'm very very new to the 3d printing world (a couple of months actually), so the machine-related problems are new to me as well. I'm working with an Ultimaker Original whose problem is that during the print, it suddently stops extruding material. I noticed that the feeder is not pushing the material inside the extruder but sometimes the melted plastic starts flowing only if I push manually, sometimes it doesn't. The material seems deformed inside the nozzle, with a "waterdrop"-like shape. I'm using PLA, I tried to print with 210° C and then I lowered it to 190° but the problem remains, and also the print looks covered in little and rounded scrap of plastic (the pic below shows this issue better than me sorry), but it might be the already printed material that the nozzle is carrying around. Is this a clogged nozzle problem? Or a feeder one? Or is it time for me to buy a flamethrower and baptize the machine with fire? I offer a reward of endless joy and gratitude, plus a bunch of heart emoji.
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