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  1. The new file printed perfectly over the weekend so thanks for all your help. Now I am trying to see why horizontal holes appear smaller than the models (which I think is down to the plastic shrinking somewhat during printing). I see between 0.5 and about 1mm under sizing. Thanks again. Bruce
  2. Thanks for finding that - yes I did have avoid printed parts when travelling checked. I have cleared it now. Searching through the file now for "Y-" it finds a number of other cases (but no X-). So the safest thing is to do a (automated) search through my gcode files for moves outside the print area to avoid this error happening again in the future. I was just surprised that Cura was happy to produce this error. Thanks again Bruce
  3. Hi, I have been trying to print a large version of the one piece elephant so I scaled it up as large as I could in the latest cura software to fit on my UM2. I have a raft enabled to keep the model as large as possible. When I try to print the file it gets about 11mm up then stops with the trying to print outside the printable area message. I have checked the file on the SD card for errors and it reads back fine. I have also tried printing it twice and it stops in exactly the same place. Looking at the file with an online viewer the only thin that I can see is that at times the print head is moving outside the printed model and I am wondering if it is this movement which is outside the area , but as it is not "printing" it gets passed the cura normal checks. I have attached a zip of the gcode file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bruce UM2_big_Elephant.zip
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