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  1. Our pleasure, please let us know the result 🙂
  2. Hi there! Which PCL are you using? Please consider there are several not pure PCL or direclty not PCL but labeled as such out there in the market. In any case, if you are using ElogioAM Ortho or PCL100 then I recomend to check this post for suggestion on printing settings. I hope that helps.
  3. Hi There! When printing Facilan Ortho with a 0.40mm nozzle we recommend to use the settings listed below. It is important to allow the printed layers of Facilan Ortho to cool down before add the next layer. In Cura, under Cooling, increase the Minimum Layer Time considerably (60 sec minimum, highly dependent of model size and complexity) and enabled Lift Head. Alternatively printing several models to allow for the layers to cool down enough. Overhangs and thin, stand-alone walls may improve be supported with water-soluble PVA. This is especially true for small/thin details on a larger print, see picture below. The piece of code that needs to be in the initial part of the Gcode is M302 S60 which allows for extrusion at temperatures below “normal” printing temperatures, in this case down to 60 °C. Facilan Ortho (0.4mm nozzle, Larger model) Nozzle Temp: 140-130 °C Build Plate Temp: (no heating) Adhesion: Adhesion sheet (supplied in the Ultimaker advanced printing kit) or similar. Cooling: 100-80% Print Speed: 30-15 mm/s Wall Thickness: 4 lines Support Material: Compatible with PVA Settings for AA0.25, AA0.4 and AA0.8 nozzles is currently in testing and should be available in the Cura Marketplace soon. Hope that helps.
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