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  1. Many thanks! Blame on me, it seems all my doubts were already hit by this topic.
  2. Hi, Often I use Arduino and the Cura simultaneously and I note that Cura always tries to reserve the serial port of Arduino. This prevents the flashing of Arduino. So each time I had to close Cura, flash Arduino and reopen Cura (which takes many seconds). Does anyone observed this issue?
  3. Hi, I was reading the documentation about "Filter out tiny gaps" setting. The documentation (https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012512340-Shell-settings) says Some gaps between walls are so small that the extra travel path is not worth the extra extrusion to compensate for it. Enable this feature to fill those minuscule gaps anyway, if needed. What I understand form this sentence is that if I put the checkmark the Cura fills the gaps, but the real behavior is the exact opposite (as suggested by the very name of the setting Filter out tiny gaps
  4. Ok thank you, I will take a look!
  5. Is Arachne engine part of Cura v4.8?
  6. Ok thanks for the answer! I can imagine such behavior but I didn't found any documentation about "automatic" line shrinking. However I don't understand why Cura prints the external vertical bars of the model on the right side. All those vertical bars are 0.5mm.
  7. Hi, I was creating small models to test if my printer is able to replicate very small details. I had tried to print a very simple grid, but I get an expected behavior. The bars are equally spaced, so empty spaces and bars have the same width. I don't get why the model on the right (0.5mm) doesn't get properly sliced. My line width is set to 0.4, so I don't think that "thin wall" matter. "Compensate inner/outer" wall doesn't change the behavior. I attach the 3mf so all the parameters are available. I have attached the models. test righe 0.5.stl test
  8. Hi, I was testing what I suppose a "simple thing", a vertical "sheet". Basically I would print the thinnest sheet I could with my nozzle (0.4mm). I have 2 questions: I would print it at "high speed", but even if I set all the speed settings to 100mm/s (a random high speed) in practise the entire sheet is printed at 10mm/s. You can see from Cura preview. At every layer change, the nozzle return at the same position, wasting time in travelling. I would see the printer emitting constant filament alternating from right-to-left and left-to-right. I had tried to change Z Seam Alignm
  9. Thanks for replying. I was thinking that "layer height" was somewhat "fixed" by predefined settings, next time I will tune the layer height as you said. It seems the most effective solution to now. I had understand your solution, it is feasible but it seems more an hacking than a final solution. As you had pointed out, printing another layer would be a more elegant solution.
  10. Hi all, I would print an object (let say a cube 1x1x1mm), and the height should be very as precise as possible. The layer height is 0,15mm so cura will print 1/0,15 = 6,6layer, truncated by Cura to 6 layers, resulting in 0,9mm height. Is it possible to tell Cura how it should handle this special case to get exactly 1mm height? It could print "half" layer (only 0,1mm), or a taller top layer (i.e. 0.25mm). I am aware of "initial layer height", but it may be set to different (bigger) values to improve adhesion to the build plate.
  11. Thanks, this is what I was looking for! Can you link the page where this "Property" are documented?
  12. Hi, I was trying to write a script for Post Processing plugin, but I don't get how to read the Layer Height set by the user in the side bar ("Print Settings). I have read how to read parameters about the machines and the extruders, but I didn't find the "api" to read sidebar values.
  13. Speaking about Bridges, is "skin" the first (the lowest) layer of the bridge?
  14. Oh thank you, that' what I'm looking for! Is it a folk of original Github's repo? Will it be released in Cure 4.0?
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