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  1. I just plug my ACR122U directly into the windows PC. Windows recognises it as a smartcard reader and Python then interfaces with it directly, no Pi needed. This is correct, you must have the material installed in Cura first if using the GUID. (or for PolyWood I created a new Material which generates a new one) The GUI searches for all installed materials, including custom materials. If you use the main function from the command line, technically you could give it whatever GUID you like, but if it's not in the printer I imagine nothing would happen. I find it best to bac
  2. @gandy @jomeier No problem, I put the link below. Still had some things I wanted to fix before uploading which are done now. Note it doesn't detect directories automatically for Mac or Linux yet, but can detect Cura for Windows just fine. For Mac/Linux, just give it the file paths. The script should work on a Pi too, but better to use command line for that rather than GUI. https://github.com/DA-Osborne/Spool-Maker @gandy A cura plugin would definitely make it easier to match up Materials. Looks like Cura has a page dedicated for making plugins that work within Cura I ne
  3. @gandy I came across your example scripts for creating and writing spools while trying to write my own tags for some 3rd party spools. I just wanted to say the scripts worked really well! (I ended up getting the ACR122U-A9 as you were using) I combined your 2 scripts together, and then wrote some extra modules and a qt interface on top so I could easily create new spools as needed or check on my existing spools. I also added a lookup function to determine the material from the guid by reading all the material xml files in both the user and system cura material directories.
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