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  1. Thank you very much for both replies, I checked the Xray view and it comes out all blue. However I think TinkerGnome has the "issue" cause the problem Im experiencing looks exactly like the topic he shared. I will try and older Cura version. Thanks!
  2. Hello Ultimaker Community. I've got a strange problem generating support in cura, As shown in the pictures, support is created for the overhang of the rooftiles. However this support is generated through the object until it reaches the buildplate, instead of until the object. The inside of the roof has a overhang of 55 degrees therefor the support overhang is set a 60 degrees which should not generate any on the inside of the model. I have uploaded 3 pictures of the problem, Picture 1 "test" shows the model from underneath in solid view, marking no red area underneath the object. Picture 2 "test1" shows the support generated underneath the model with the solid view from picture 1. Picutre 3 "test3" marks the features that generated the support through the object. I have tried using the plugin support blocker, however the only way to get rid of the support is to block it until the rooftiles, however this overhang is too big to print without support. So I have run out of ideas myself and hope that someone can help me out. Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Dub
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