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  1. Can you post examples of the Start and End code, I can open up my .gx file but I don't know where to stop for the cura settings, M108 or M106??? ;start gcode M118 X70.28 Y21.00 Z18.01 T0 M140 S50 T0 M104 S200 T0 M104 S0 T1 M107 G90 G28 M132 X Y Z A B G1 Z50.00 F400 G161 X Y F3300 M7 T0 M6 T0 M651 M907 X100 Y100 Z40 A80 B20 M108 T0 G1 X70.28 Y21.00 F6000 ;preExtrude:0.20 ;preExtruder0 M108 T0 G1 Z.20 F400 G1 X70.28 Y21.00 F6000 G1 X-49.72 Y21.00 E17.4017 F1200 ;raft ;layer:0.27 ;shell M106 Thanks
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