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  1. Tinkergnome, Thanks, I realized the filement was incorrect after I posed the question. The manufacture reccomends a slightly higher print speed to keep the extrusion smooth, but I'll reduce the rate to see if it does work better. Thanks for the input and I'll let you know the results.
  2. Thanks Cloakfiend, I'll give it a shot. I was going with 1mm thinking that would be close enough but I will reduce it further add see if I get better results. And thanks again.
  3. Hello Folks, I'm needing a little help here, If some one could lend a hand. I'm an ole cronnie trying to learn the new stuff and though I can figure it out most times this one is very elusive to me. I apparently really messed up the settings on my build plate adhesion profile and seem unable to get it corrected. I have played around withe every configuration I could conjure up with dismal results. I have a very rudimitery simple print I'm trying to do on a mini-3 delta (I know it's cheap, but I need some experience before investing in it ) The problem I'm having is a continual build up on the extruder, all the settings are correct for the filament " 195c nozzle and 60c bed, but it just rolls up into a ball of goo, the test print works flawlessly so I know it's something I have done or have over looked. Help if you can, I'd love to start being part of this and be able to create useful and interesting things.
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