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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. Since installing the latest firmware, the x/Y offset test doesn't print a prime blob for either nozzle and thus doesn't work.
  2. Oh i see, so currently this only really works for laptops? That's fine, thanks for the quick response and glad to hear it will updated in the future 🙂
  3. Hi There, Still a bit confused. I launched up cura 4 on another computer outside of my network, and signed into my ultimaker account through it. However, I can find no option to monitor my print of my ultimaker 3 at home. The account options simply let me view my profile, and the monitor tab simply asks me to connect a printer to the computer. I was under the impression I would be able to launch cura connect for my home printer using a second computer outside of the network? Thanks for any response.
  4. Hi, Yes I did that and connected it all up but i that wasn't the problem. I think I get it now, the new cloud stuff is only if you have a second computer? At a different location to your first? I assumed it would be usable through the ultimaker app as that would be how most people would "access it from outside the network". If its only for use with a second computer etc then never mind, its not useful to me. May I request that this feature be added to the ultimaker app? Thanks
  5. Hi there, The new updates are nice, however I feel like I may have misunderstood something as I cant find these new cloud features, can I ask where they are? If I launch cura connect its the same as before but with extra print info tracking. I i press the "open ultimaker account" button, it takes me to a webpage where the only options are to log out, or enable two factor security. Where are these new features? The ultimaker app on my phone still wont let me access my printer from outside the local network, despite the fact it is now showing my phone in cura connect. "This
  6. Yeah, thats what i assumed at first. It (the sliderbloack) came from print maintenance people slightly squint, and i only noticed afew days in, i also then noticed the print head slant. It was printing fine at this point. I looked up online how to straighten the slider blocks and did so, and immediately noticed it made the print head slant MUCH worse. At this point, it wouldnt print at all. I put it back to being slanted (which raises the print head shaft to be slightly more level) and it now prints a a lot better but still fails quite often, ive been tinkering with it for literally 10
  7. Hi, I recently bought a second hand UM3 through this site and everything seemed ok but i am starting to have some problems. I realise now the print head is not level and I cant find anything anywhere about this as a problem. (see photos) This first came about when i noticed the sliding blocks were not level, so levelled them, this made the slant of the printhead much worse and the printing deteriorated further. I have tried slanting the sliding blocks in various ways but no amount of doing that seems to stop the print head from leaning to the left. I realigned the axles, checke
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