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  1. What can I do to fix this? Should I be looking at the Cura settings or is this an issue with the model itself?
  2. 1 - the .stl in a model viewer 2 - showing that the model has shape under outer layer and where the surfaces meet/come in close proximity of each other 3 - a section of the gcode showing a hole where there should not be, in the general area shown in image 2 4 - the result on an actual print
  3. I have a model that does not have any gaps in the surfaces, but once I slice it, there are holes created. They occur where two surfaces meet, essentially the model is a human figure under a cloak. So where the cloak rests on the arms a hole is formed rather than closing the surface. Is there a setting I should be changing to avoid it functioning like this? I have to use 15.04 since I have a M3D printer and use the Cura Engine in Octoprint. Any advice/assistance is appreciated
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