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  1. Restarting the machine is NOT the fix. 😒
  2. After fighting this problem for a couple hours, I shut the machine down and now it works perfectly. Don't know if that's the fix for every time but I have one more tool to get perfect first support layers.
  3. I am having trouble on my S5 getting my breakaway support that's loaded as Extruder2 to print a good first layer. The PLA material in extruder 1 works great. But it seems like Extruder 2 is higher than Extruder 1. I have leveled the bed about a million times. I have cleaned the drool that comes out of Extruder 2 before it self levels. I have moved my parts to a different part of the glass. I have changed material spools. I have cleaned the glass. Eventually it works but I can't pin down what fixed the problem. Are the print nozzle heights being set when the bed self levels before the print? in other words if some of the drool that comes out of the support nozzle holds the support extruder up slightly will that nozzle be too high? Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  4. After I fought for a bit I realized I had an AA-0.4 pint nozzle in the Cura support extruder. It needed to be a BB-0.4 nozzle.
  5. Thank you guys so much for confirming my suspicions. @Helmut92, thanks for telling me where the option lies
  6. I have a new S5. According to the compatibility page I should be able to print Nylon using a PVA support? But when I choose that combination it refuses to slice. And when I installed the .04 heads in the machine it said the .04 print heads did not support Breakaway material. To get around the problem I told Cura I wanted to use breakaway material so it would slice and just ignored the fact that I have PVA in the machine. The print temperatures and speeds are similar, So I think I'll be OK but I'm missing something in the Compatibility chart. I figured using the "Recommended" Option would set all the parameters to allow use of Compatible materials. I was wrong. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, When I try to print my files I get that round 3rd piece in the corner. How do I get rid of it. Or is it something the software needs? Thanks
  8. You're a Wizard!!! Fixed me right up. Thanks a million.
  9. Thank you for the help. I don't get the same options. As you can see the machine says "Multiple Detected, Load 1 spool at a time" I thought that meant I have material and PVA loaded at the same time?
  10. Smithy, Thank you so much for your help. I have since replaced the material with 3 different UM rolls. As I load it just shows ABS. When I select "ABS" thinking a pull out with options would present itself. Instead it just gives me the options of "Load, Unload and Replace" or something like that. I contacted UM support and they said they would send me a new NFC sticker. She also said that if I'm getting the program from CURA the G code will give the machine what it needs. So what the machine thinks is not that important.
  11. I found an article that said the Ultimaker gets its material information from the UM material roll. So I replaced the Tough PLA roll with a UM Black PLA roll and the machine still thinks it has ABS loaded? What am I missing? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone. Just got a new Ultimaker S5 and need a little help. I need to know how to change the material type in the machine. I figured our how to change the material but the machine thinks it has ABS material installed. But I want to use Tough PLA. I can't figure out how to let the machine know I installed PLA?. Thanks
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