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  1. We're having an issue with both our Ultimaker 3's not connecting to the correct IP addresses. Previously we had them set up and pointing to the correct addresses and we could print over the network perfectly however now the IP addresses keep changing on a daily basis on both printers and I am not sure how to get them back to the previous working addresses. Any pointers or advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hi Adam, I've sent you a DM regarding an article I have produced for our practice in which we are using UM3's for our Architectural models. Let me know if this is of interest to you. Cheers!
  3. When you say 'bridging' supports, what do you mean by that and where can I find a setting for it?
  4. We're preparing a print and in Cura these windows (and other similar windows around the model) require support material? Is this normal? I know there is essentially an overhang on the lintels but I'm just not sure it needs it? Any suggestions welcome!
  5. We've done the separate route and printed a few at a time, numbered them and placed them on a paper copy that is numbered also. Easiest way to do it currently. Had some issues with grinding but unloading and reloading the material has worked and have successfully printed a few batches today and yesterday which is good!
  6. Yes we did one recently and it looked great! This was before we had our printer though so everything was outsourced. We just had to put it all together at the end! I've started with a batch of houses, once finished we will lay over the glass on the site plan and take off one by one, when it gets to the more complicated areas I think we will be doing them separately!
  7. Thank you both for your replies. Yes ideally we want to have everything the same colour, we tend to do our models in white with a wooden laser cut base for the actual site the building sits on. Good to know I can open as many STL's as the plate will fit, might be a case of just placing a whole load of the houses on there, assuming this means I will need to export each house separately from the overall model though? The models will be editable 'I think'. At the moment they are families, but we could add some sort of marker on them maybe. I was looking at the
  8. Hi guys, We are soon going to be printing a site model for one of our projects, we are outsourcing the base due to size however we have started to model the surrounding buildings. A couple of questions: 1: Can we print multiple buildings on one build plate to save time? 2: Is there a way we can number them on the print so we know where they end up going? (I know this sounds silly!) 3: Is this the right way? By that I mean, if anyone has any other better ideas on how to print this I would be all ears, this will be our first full build
  9. Thank you all for the replies, I didn't know you could block the PVA supports so that is useful, we had support material where I'm not sure we actually needed it so will bear that in mind for future! The combing I will change also, we don't want this happening on future prints at all really!
  10. Hi there, first post! We recently purchased 2 Ultimaker 3's as we are more and more being asked for 3D printed models for our projects. Below are some images from our first 'proper' print and I just have a couple of questions I hope someone may be able to answer: 1. there seems to be some small cut-outs in the sides, we're not sure if this has happened when peeling off the PVA or not, if this is the case then in the future we can be more careful when peeling it off. If it's something else, could anyone point me in the right direction as to what the cause might be?
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