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  1. Hello people, I have this litte problem here, whenever i start a print, before even it can level the belt skips some steps, i was wondering if you people knew where it would come from? I changed the motor belt and pulley (the right one at the back, the one responsible for the axis where the belt gets skipped), i tightened all belts and squared the axes, from this point i don't know where to go. Best regards.
  2. Hi Abrasive, Could you please provide more information about the filament you use, which brand is it? Did you use new spools? Is humidity a possible culprit? thanks.
  3. Hello gr5, I appreciate the time you took to write such a thorough response. The first part on your answer revolving about the force the feeder should be able to push was an eye opener, we chose 5 materials and tried em all with a rig and the results gave us the confirmation that the feeder is not the problem, nor the material in itself, the combination of the two is the problem, given that we already had some suspicion that retraction is the problem we worked from there trying very low retractions at very low speeds and going up, trying to get better results, today we
  4. Hello dear Ultimaker Community, I come in need of your help, a customer of mine chose polypropylene as material to print his prototypes, and we have been having trouble printing with it, we are getting very inconsistent results these past weeks, we work mainly with treed and smartfil polypropylene, we gave ultimaker pp a shot too but it didn't give us the results we need. My client has been printing polypropylene with consistent results on a Ultimaker 3 Extended, it was all good, then he ordered an ultimaker S5 for the need to print bigger models, and an Ultimaker 3 Ext
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