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  1. hi @ahoeben, it worked fine. Much better, I don't need to modify the gcode everytime now. thank you.
  2. hi all, Cura 4.3.0. I'm using post processing script to show the layer number and file name, as I find it very useful. The problem (maybe improvable matter) I see is the full word "Layer " on the screen is useless, I'd only need the "L" following the number. For example: "L234"; instead of "Layer 234". In regards of the temperature, for example, there is only the thermometer icon (1 place of the screen). What I'm currently doing to remove the (L)"ayer" letters is using the Find and Replace tool of notepad, modifying the gcode file. "Open with" the gcode file with notepad > Edit > Find and Replace (Ctrl+R) > Look for: "Layer ", replace for "L" > Replace all. > Save changes > Close file. It works fine this way for me, but it's a mess for every file. Do you know an alternative (automate) way of doing this task? thank you.
  3. hi all, need some help, please. Quick question. When I'm using Raft, what is the parameter setting the first layer speed of the model? (I see "Initial layer print speed" but it refers to adhesion to build plate). Thank you.
  4. hi all, Cura 4.1. thank you for you help. Could you please tell me what is the meaning of these 2 commands: G1 X92.279 Y152.078 E995.42153 G1 X92.774 Y151.474 E995.46088 G1 X93.378 Y150.979 E995.50023 G1 F1200 E979.50023 G1 F17987547480000 Z2.46 G92 E0 T0 G92 E0 M105 M109 S190 M104 T1 S0 G1 F1500 E-3 ;MESH:omega_larga_c-guia.stl G0 F1500 X92.978 Y161.879 Z2.46 G1 F17987547480000 Z1.46 G0 F1500 X92.978 Y150.46 G0 X92.978 Y149.175 G0 X282.017 Y147.83 G0 X282.087 Y147.76 thank you all.
  5. important: without splitting the part. (see picture attached).
  6. Hi all, Cura 4.1 QUICK QUESTION: is possible to set different speeds in different parts of the model? (similar to infill modification in different areas of the model). Any tutorial? (I have a long very narrrow bar, extruder could print faster in straight areas and slow at the edges). thank you.
  7. Hi all, I thank you help. Cura 4.0 2 extruder printer. My printer is stopping many times in the same position for most of gcodes. In one of them I looked for the error using gcode.ws analyzer and I found the problem. The first 3 layers (raft layers) are printed with same material (220ºC): -First layer printing ok. -Second layer the printer stops. ("Temperature error"). The command included in the gcode in the middle of 2nd layer: M104 S195 Extruder temperature modification was not needed. So, due to the extruder was printing at 220C, and should continue at this temperature (not 195C), extruder temperature drops down and the printer stops because the feeder can’t push the filament. Why Cura included this command? What can I do to avoid this problem in a long print? (hardest to find the wrong command). Another issue is the Preview of the printing process, it is not real. First layer in Preview is showing extruder 1 but in real it is printed by extruder 2 (what I had decided). I guess these 2 issues have no relation.
  8. hi all, need help, please. cura 4.0. I have one STL that I'm trying to print with 2 materials. While the printer is printing the prime tower (1st layer with 1st material) the printer stops, about 20 minutes after start. As you can see in the picture below, it is always in the same position. On the left gcode1 (3 different tests), one is full and 2 are only the prime tower base. In the base you can see the stop point. (2 STL: main part and 4 adhesion rings). On the right gcode2, (STL without adhesion rings). The problem happens while printing prime tower, not during heating, nor cooling, nor extruder switch. The message in the display is: "... Error: Temperature Printer stopped. Please reboot. ..." What is wrong? how can I solve the problem?
  9. thank you peterbrown77 for your answer. I tried but I couldn't that way. A message similar to "...material has been imported..." but it didn't worked.
  10. same issue. Cura 4.0. first layer complete with E1. First layer should be mixed, E1 and E2 for support. This way adhesion would be much better. Any help?
  11. hi peterbrown77 I now have the same problem. How do you fix it? Thank you
  12. Thank you for your tinkergnome answer. That point about capital letters is crucial... I couldn't imagine that. I will try to follow your advice.
  13. Thank you tinkergnome for your answer. ok, I see how to find the problem, but how could I fix it? (I'm new and also I have no idea about Backend "things"). Or could you forward me to another thread in the forum with similar problem/fixing? I looked for "error" in the file and... hundreds? thousands?
  14. I've seen in another thread that Cura log file is useful. Attached. (it is full of warning and debug lines). cura.log
  15. Hi all, I thank you some help. I am (almost) new with Cura. As I installed the 4.0 version some problems appeared (no problems with 3.6). - I have an error message (attached). Suggestion given: "reset to factory default". Is there any way of avoiding this solution, I would loose all my configurations. - Also, and I don't know if it is related, I have a part to be printed and I have chosen the whole first layer with Extruder 2 (1st layer, support, brim...), but in the preview it appears that Extruder 1 is printing this layer. The printer prints according to my settings, and not according to the preview. So, is there any way of fixing this error without loosing my configurations? Will the fixing method remove the "preview" problem? Thank you.
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