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  1. This is probably not helpful, but installing 4.7.1 and printing, just worked fine. Before printing, I did go in and confirm that the "machine" settings didn't change. They were fine. I only mention this, because with older versions, including 4.3, which I was using all along, would screw up the odd time and do some weird things. Even without changing profiles. What I discovered is that for some odd reason, Cura would corrupt or change some settings in the printer profile (machine). Most often, it would change my 1.75 filament size to the larger s
  2. Well, I solved this on my printer. First, I had to totally re-align the 2 bed rails. They were not even and not perfectly straight with the frame. But that isn't what fixed the shift. What fixed my shifting problem and still being able to user higher print speeds (50-60) was to to into Cura and open up ALL the Acceleration and ALL the Jerk options. For acceleration, my first test was to just put all the numbers down to 800. They were all at 3,000, except one that was at 5,000. Then, for jerk, they were all at 20 so I put them all at 8. Before doing that, on a tes
  3. Now months later and the problem is worse than every. If only I could go back and never buy this P.O.S. I replaced its glass texture hotbed with a thinner and lighter one. The orig. plate is like 1.8kg while the replacement is only 1.3kg. It works fine if I slow the print speed down to a crawl. But today, I started a print that seemed to be doing pretty well. I monitor my printer with a camera that I can access away from home. Well, the print shifted 3 times!!! So I flipped over the machine and checked tensions and such. I did notice that the 2 alignment screws
  4. DidierKlein: I'm also new and notice that my comments need to be approved first. However, I just made a comment and of course, it says it needs to be approved, but I have commented before and it appears there has been no approval (unless I'm just not seeing it) as in my account, it says nothing is there. How do we newbies know when we can start to comment immediately? I'm assuming (and I could be very wrong) that the approval thing is for new people for a time period so that the company gets to know that the person isn't a trouble maker but a true membe
  5. Today for the 1st time I had a Y axis shift at about 50% of the print. It was not like these pictures where it's gradual. It was literally, 0 to 49% correct, then BAMN! The next layer, say 50% started over about 20mm or so! All the build is, is just an end piece for a 2x8 piece of wood. It's designed in Fusion 360 is is nothing more that a rectangle that is (using parameters) just slightly over the size of the wood. It's only filleted. Other than that, a rectangle that is about 30mm "deep." Nothing special at all. So, I sliced it with
  6. I first has auto slicing enabled. Randomly, after changing any number at all, it would say "unable to slice", but after a few seconds it would just go ahead and slice. I then changed from auto slicing to manual. Then I noticed that again, the random "unable to slice" message would happen as well. Again, changing any number, even layer height.. .anything. But not every single time. Then I noticed if I made a change and clicked the Slice button, rather than the area changing to indicate it's going to slice, it just stayed the same. So on
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