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  1. Just today, the Ultimaker 3 Extended I've been working with has been giving me a bed heating error (ER14) at a very odd time. I'll send a print, the printer will read the job and begin the print, but as the bed raises to start the print it will only get about halfway to the printhead and then stop when the Error interrupts. I have a hard time believing its the wiring because once I shut the printer off to clear the error, manually set the build plate back to its default position, and turn it back on again--the error is gone. Has anyone experienced this issue/have any advice as to where to start troubleshooting? Thanks
  2. @gr5 did you mean a square? or a cube?
  3. I'm trying to print a single snaking line on an ultimaker 3 extended, and print that line with no traveling and only 1 layer. How can I tell Cura to do that? The line is 0.4 mm thick and 0.1 mm tall when I model it on Fusion360, and when I set my layer height/initial layer height to exactly 0.1 mm and my line widths to 0.35 mm (given AA 0.4 print core), Cura still tells the ultimaker to make two passes over each segment of the line. Is there anyway to print the line in a single layer and a single pass, with no retracing of any model elements?
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