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  1. OK so i tried a couple of the over hang tests. With the fan at 10 it was trying to move but just twitching. When i set it to 20 it was working, man what a difference, got higher with the angles before they started getting worse and the front was just cleaner and nicer looking. Overall the 20% made a huge difference. I did the overhang test at 230 and 30% fan. looked good, but when i tried a normal print it wasn't hot enough and it ended up failing because the layers werent sticking together. Im going to try a rpint at 250 and 20%/ Anyways thanks so much for the advice, you clearly know what you are doing. You've been a big help. Any other ABS advice you could give me that would save me hours of googling? lol
  2. The fan is used when doing bridges I have edited the profile to have 10% fan speed but have not tested it yet. I am using Anycubic Mega-S and Cura 4 Beta. I've been printing at 250 degrees as the filament roll says 245-265, bed temp is 110. No issues with first layer adhesion.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to 3D Printing adn have been loving it so far. Started with PLA and everything has went well so I decide to give ABS a try. ABS is not going so well. The print quality is turning out very poor, especially with overhangs. I did a retraction test and got that sorted out, no stringing. I also ran a bridge test and it turned out near perfect. But some bridges on this recnt test I ran did not fair so well. All ABS prints the overhang is bad. I have an enclosure and have tried a bunch of different temps. I run a slow speed of 40mm/s. I need some advice on other things to test out to improve this print quality. I've attached a few pics so you can see whats going on. Any suggestions?
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