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  1. Hi there ! I used to save my GCode on my computer in case of reusing it, but this time I forgot to do it. It's an important GCode for me, and I can print it again from Cura Connect (as it show right there). My question is : It is possible to saved the GCode from Cura Connect ? As it's possible to reprint, I supposed that the GCode is saved somewhere, but where, and how can I take it from the cloud/printer to save it on my computer ? I hope you have a solution or an answer to this question 🙂 Thank you in advance !
  2. Hello Daid ! You said Internal disk utilization isn't exposed on the API, but I have a question about the gcode send trough Cura Connect. Infact, I havn't saved in my computer a gcode which work pretty well, but I can reprint it from Cura Connect. It is possible to save from Cura Connect ? I supposed it's already save in some dark place of the Cloud, but I need to send this gcode to other people, so... And I don't find some answer of this question in the forum !
  3. Hey ! I come back with more information. After a crash of our network, the UM3 get an IP address ! I can monitor it from my computer. It was perfect. BUT, 2 issues happen : *First, when I shutdown it, it take a new IP address, and Cura don't recognize the UM3 with the new address (I have to manually enter the new address, is that normal ?). I understand now why people want a fix IP for the UM3. *Secondly, after a new shutdown of the UM3, the UM3 no longer has an IP address. And it seem like the printer wont have a new one after an other shutdown. Same problem as at the beginning of the topic. It's pretty weird. So, I think I will use connman to set a fix IP and look with wireshark or something like this to see if there is a connection between DHCP and the printer. Thanks for the information, it'll be usefull ! I think too ! I'll try with me pone as a wifi network and will see how it'll work !
  4. Merci JPGO de ta réponse ! A mon plus grand étonnement, en revenant ce matin et sans n'avoir rien changer, ni même éteint puis rallumer l'imprimante, elle avait récupéré une adresse IP. La seule explication "logique" que j'y vois, c'est la panne réseau de hier soir (plus d'internet ni même accès aux différents serveurs internes de la boîte). Le réseau à du la reconnaitre au moment du redémarrage probablement, sinon je ne comprends pas absolument pas cette soudaine apparition. Merci des propositions en tout cas, si cela se reproduit j'essayerais les propositions que tu as donné !
  5. Hi gr5 ! Thanks for your answer. I think that is our server which doesn't recognize the Ultimaker (and not an issue with the UM3), but as I'm not the person in charge of the network (Just a trainee needed by the company to try some new things with a 3D printer), I can't really try to do all things I want with the network. I'll question my superior about taking it at home to find out if it's just the network that do not recognize it or something goes wrong with a capricious internet card. Well, I'm not a pro with linux and SSH, but I will look at the possibility with connman. I didn't say that fixed IP is bad (I use it at home), but just that our DHCP should send any IP, and the printer is supposed to understand it, and the communication is supposed to be easy ? I already questioned the man in charge if it possible with a MAC address, and his answer was negative, even if he didn't explain me why it's impossible.. If it's possible in connman, I'll probably try it ! But the issue which comes in mind : I'll have to be in my own wifi with the printer and the computer to use ssh. But if I try to log with the printer on the company network, it'll stop the ssh no ? But before "playing" with the dev mode, I'll question the reseller to know if the printer stay under guarantee after use this mode. Thanks for helping me ! (And sorry for the not perfect english)
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum! I'm Max Jourdren, and I use 3D printer for 2 years (Zortrax, Prusa...), and now Ultimaker 3 at work. After some issues with bed leveling, I have found a new problem with the LAN connection. We can't use the Wi-Fi solution because of the architecture of our network (which needs an email address from our company), but in LAN, we are supposed to used everything we want thanks to the DHCP server, which send an IP address to every machine connected with a cable in LAN. The traditional printer works well with our network. BUT, our ultimaker 3 doesn't take an IP address from DHCP, and I don't understand why. The network LAN works well with any machine, printer, or computer I've tried, but only the UM3 don't. I need to monitor the UM3 from an other desk, and it is far away from the printer. I have tried to find some solution in all the forum, but... I don't really find something for my issue. In a lot of case, people take an IP address or want to have a fix address, and those aren't what I look for. If someone have idea or something that can help me, it will be a pleasure !
  7. Bonjour ! Mon problème est un peu différent, mais j'espère que vous pourrez m'aider. Nous avons recu une UM3 cette semaine, et j'essaye de la mettre sur le réseau de l'entreprise pour pouvoir la monitorer à distance. Il m'est impossible de passer par la Wi-Fi du fait de sa construction (adresse mail+MDP pour chaque poste). En revanche, en LAN, normalement n'importe quelle machine (Imprimantes classiques) peut se connecter et recevoir une adresse IP par le serveur DHCP. J'ai fait le test avec un PC perso, et il n'y a pas de problème. En revanche, notre UM3 ne reçoit pas la précieuse adresse IP, et impossible avec mes connaissances de comprendre pourquoi. Le gérant du réseau ne comprend pas non plus pourquoi. Nous avons installé la dernière version du firmware sur l'UM3, en espérant que cela fonctionne mais rien n'y fait. Auriez vous des idées ? Merci d'avance !
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