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  1. Dear software developers, You have a persistent issue with the software I want to print the cube with the hallow sphere inside of it. When I do visualization the slicing don't see the the hallow sphere, may you please tell/fix this issue. I have many objects with similar work routine and none of them visualize properly. Example file is uploaded. Thank you in advance, Kub.stl
  2. Hi all, I want to print the cube with infill and empty sphere inside see attached file. Cura does not recognize/see the inner empty sphere, but some other programs (Simplify 3D) do see the inner empty sphere. Could help me solve the issue. Question to developers: Could you please add a function of a layer by layer visualization option. Would be useful for big objects with more than 1000 layers. It is very simply to miss between layers since now it can be only operated by mouse and no specific layer could be inputted. Simplify has such option. Kub.stl
  3. And advice to the developers - please consider adding the functionality similar to Process in Simplify3D (ability to adjust the thickness of the layer; number of lines in the perimeter (width of the perimeter); percentage of filling). It can be applied to particular height of the item.
  4. New Cura version fails to slice the decorative cover, see the picture attached. I also attach the stl files of the original drawing. Kapot.stl Kapot-2.stl
  5. Hi there, Few of the problems I faced before are solved in the new software version. Still, the following issues remain unsolved: (1) if the object consists of the solid forms and surfaces AND the surface ends higher, the slicer slices the surface only to the level of the solid body top (see the pictures for sample screenshots) (2) the infill failure - pictures attached shows the original object and the result. I can't find the way to slice the object without the "mesh" infill
  6. I wrote about the error I have an open topic, they fixed?
  7. Just to make sure - I consider the Cura program to have big potential and would love the developers to make it even better. This is the reason I try to deliver the issues I faced - I believe the developer might be interested. Could you advice whether my work (making these posts with the issues) is not meaningless for the Cura team?
  8. I continue to work (still looking for some reply and/or solution to the problem mentioned) and faced few more issues on the same software versions of Cura 3.5.1; 3.6 and 4.0.0 Beta. I want to print few similar items and place them nearby, choose the print sequense as "One at a time", but none of the software versions sliced the objects. I consider option to print "One at a time" to be very important as the technical failures may appear during the work process (like electricity failure). "One at a time" will ensure those items already finished would not be damaged. The
  9. Here are the screenshots of the case (2 examples). The essence - if the object consists of the solid forms and surfaces AND the surface ends higher, the slicer slices the surface only to the level of the solid body top. The second problem is with the sizes - I have TEVO Tornado printer with working area 300 x 300 x 400 mm. I want to print few big (wide) details of 285 x 20 x 20 mm. While choosing the separate printing (not printing at the same time), the program says it is impossible to slice the object due to object not meeting the printer size. And the last - a
  10. I have tried several software versions of Cura 3.5.1; 3.6 and 4.0.0 Beta and facing one BIG (to my mind) issue. While printing solid body and surface together as one object it not allowing me to combine both surface modes of printing. I am using the option under Special Modes/Print Sequence/All at Once and Surface Mode/Both. This option not working for all my printings while combining both solid body and surface while slicing it only allows me to print part of the drawing/printing. If developers/users could help with advice that would be greatly appreciated. Tha
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