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  1. I've looked into this setting and it could well help. I'll start a print tomorrow to check the result. Thanks for the tip !
  2. Hi everyone, First time on Ultimaker forum, hope you'll be able to help ! I've been using for a couple of years a Utilmaker 3 printer with PLA in Extruder 1 and PVA in Extruder 2. Now that Cura offers multiple parameters in support mode, I've been optimising the support interface in order to only use PVA for "Support Interface", the main support being made of PLA. The problem I often come across is that the "Support Interface" in PVA doesn't stick to the pattern PLA support built under it. I tried different support options but nothing really solved the issue. The only parameter helping was increasing the (PLA) support density making a more solid base for the PVA but printing time is highly impacted. I think that maybe adding an intermediary PLA support interface full surface under the PVA support interface would help the PVA to stick to the PLA support. But I'm unsure this configuration exists. Has anyone find a way of composing support this way ? Thanks for your help !
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