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  1. hi who knows? how to cut the model in cura Thanks
  2. Hallo everyone, My printer is S5: It shows at the beginning: Difference between dected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values. (nozzle and glass plate are clean) Nozzle offset probe failed.? And I found that the two nolzzes are not on the same level and the distance is too large. What should I do ? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi guys, The nozzle is full of material around, I can not take the nozzle out , what should I do? Thank you very much.
  4. Hi friends, I have a question. If I print many components with different Print Sequences (all at once order one at a time), will it affect the quality of the product, such as mechanical properties? Thank you
  5. Hi guys, I have one question. 1, How to use cura to achieve different infill in a component, left part is zig zag , right part is lines. Thank you very much.
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