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  1. @smartavionics: Actually I tried to do this , but as soon as I try to save a project in CURA the program seems to crash and terminate. Afterwards I find a .3mf file in the directory, however it is empty. This happens with CURA 3.6.0 and CURA 4.0.0 BTW: Everytime after slicing when I write the gcode-file to my SD-Card, CURA crashes/terminates as well; but in this case I find a valid gcode file on the SD-Card
  2. Hello Everybody, first of all I have to say I'm a newbie to 3D-Printing and to this forum. So thanks to everybody to give me a helping hand, even if I'm asking stupid questions. I've got a brand new Creality CR10s pro and tried my first printouts sliced with this wonderful software CURA. I've selected Other => CR-10s in the initial installaion of CURA and then imported the profile for cr10s-pro provided by Creality. Printing of the Ender Testdog brought instantly an excellent result. My first project is now to print some big house numbers for our house. I found appropriate STL-Files on Thingiverse and printed the number 2 => excellent result, but much too small. So I loaded the STL again in CURA and scaled up to 300% The print took obviously much longer, however looked very promising, until the Printer said finished, but the top of the number was not covered at all. You could see directly onto the filling pattern, which was nice but not what I intended. I tried both CURA versions (3.6 and 4.0 Beta), same result. 100% prints correct, 300% prints w/o cover. I tried then to double the count of top layers from 6 to 12 in CURA => same result: not a single top layer is printed. What can I do, to get the 300% as nicely covered as the 100% print ?
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