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  1. Hello, I’m on Windows 10 professional 64bit and the last three times I’ve restarted my computer the next time I try to load Cura 4.5 it re-runs the new setup wizard and has wiped most of my settings. if I restore a backup ... I’m not sure what it actually restores because it looks like I’m mostly starting over from scratch. not sure if it’s a windows update problem ... I’m running current and with the way Microsoft likes to run fast and face plant lately ... thanks for your time, Bobby
  2. Hello, I searched a few pages under a search of draft shield, but didn’t find anything about it. I was curious if anyone has tried adding extra height to the draft shield above the part and knows if it’s worth adding this kind of feature. if the draft shield is 3cm away from the part and kept below the gantry height it could be a few cm above the current level of the part adding extra draft shielding during printing. thanks for your time, Bobby.
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