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  1. Hi, today I had to deal with hole diameters again. This time the part has holes perpendicular to each other. So one kind of holes has to printed horizontal and one vertical (or both diagonal, haven't tried that). The outcome is interesting and disappointing. To compensate for shrinked holes i added 0.4mm to the desired hole size. That works for the vertical printed holes but screw up the horizontal printed (they are printed in size). Another thing is the bridging at the small holes down. Doesn't come out well. And there is this funny ghosting at the horizontal
  2. Hi, I have the same issues here. Tried several options for support with no satisfying result. This is how it's done in default "triangles support". Cura 4.1 0.15mm layer height PVA support Angle 60°
  3. HI together, Ok so it remains a "per Object" tuning process. I must admit that my first though upon this topic was, "damn we should have bought that super high precision printer from the other company". That other company is claiming to fill the gap between industrial and desktop printers. I went back to their spec and well... their METHODs doesn't seem to be as good as thought. So glad that we bought the more open system allowing to use other materials than only PLA and PETG from special spools. By the way... are there other materials with less expansion
  4. Hello, first of all the part mentioned above, fits with the proposed setting. I prepared a test object to find the sweet spot between outer and inner Diameter change. The Object has two inner Dias with 4.0mm and 8.0mm and two outer Dias with 10.0mm and 7.0mm. I sliced three copies of them with 0.0 -0.025 and -0.05 horiz. Expansion Factor. Here are the results: horz. exp. 0.0 4.0 mm --> 3.7mm 8.0 mm --> 7.8mm 7.0 mm --> 7.0mm 10.0mm --> 10.0mm horz. exp. -0.025 4.0mm --&
  5. Hi We bought a new shiny Ultimaker S5 printer a few weeks ago. I did an object today which is basically a tube. It should have a 8.2mm bore and an outer Diameter of 25mm. It looks perfect, but doesn't fit in the end application. So i took out my caliper and checked the dimensions. The 8.2mm bore is actually 7.7mm and the outer Diameter is 25.0mm +/- 0.1 depending on where you take the measure. I used the default settings and printed with ultimaker Black Though PLA that was delivered with the machine. The Calibration print, which was in the box, looks nice but i canno
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