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  1. HI Torgeir and thanks for the welcome. I'll make sure to change the head at 150c? That was what I was told. I have been changing hot over 200c. I'll try and look into this 'Copper pasta' sounds great!🤩
  2. Well we tapped her out and now screws great and I printed a bowden tube clip holder from Tough PLA at .25mm nozzle worked great. Thanks!
  3. I guess a tiny bit of thread on the Olsson block is buggered. Not sure how that happened 4 threads in but we will have to replace it. Maybe I can tap it out. M6 pitch? Bueller?
  4. Hi All, we just got this thing a few weeks ago and now the nozzles are unchangeable almost. Extremely hard to thread on and off. I don't see the threads inside the machine with plastic on them, looks clean. I tried some acetone on a q-tip. Looked clean. Nozzles are clean - I atomic clean them when I swap. I don't see any damage to the nozzles or the internal threads, meaning I don't think there was any cross threading here. If there is damage its extremely minute. Just curious if anyone has experienced this and if the part of the print head that accepts the nozzle is changeable ie: the heating part or if I need a new print head if the threads are toast. It seemed pretty difficult to change the nozzles (hard to turn) from the beginning. The little wrench they send is a total joke. Thanks
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