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  1. I hate to be a bumper, but I have still not gotten any progress in trying to fix my issue. Does anyone have fresh suggestions? Best regards Martin Pedersen
  2. So to me it seems like the offset between the two heads are not correct. How would I go about fixing that?
  3. Hello all So I found this post: And tried doing some post manual and active leveling leveling(tuning the screws of the build plate at the beginning of the print). This seems to have fixed the issue as far as I can see right now. After doing a few smaller print, I tried this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2656594 The only place it messed up a bit was on the 90deg overhang and as far as I know, the ultimaker was never supposed to do that without support to begin with. I will try a dual print later today to check for issues regarding the z offset. Edit: I tried the dual print and now the second printhead is hitting the print. . . Best regards Martin Pedesen
  4. The fans are totally clean and running freely. We don't really have a fan at our disposal and as you said, it does not solve the initial problem. Best regards Martin Pedersen
  5. Thanks, but as mentioned, the problem still persists. Any ideas how I should proceed? Edit: So, something new, I saw in another post about the 4 screws that is holding the z axis lead screw needing to be tight. I raised the build plate and tightened the screws (they were a little bit lose), but now when i raise the build plate I hear a bit of grinding as it is nearing the top. Should I loose the 4 screws a bit again or is this a sign of grinding in the bearings inside the cover? Best regards Martin Pedersen
  6. Thanks Smithy How do I measure the distance between the two? My thought is to make a small printed block that can slide between the two plates while I adjust. Edit: So I tried remounting the cables for the fans, they fit snugly. I also tried cranking the space down to around 14mm so the active leveling was functioning again. The problem is still there. My benchy is getting these ugly ragged layers on the front overhang. Best regards Martin Pedersen
  7. Hello Yes I have printed the same print on multiple printers and this is the only one giving me real issues. I have already set the fan speed to 100% which made no difference. The issue is not that the print is coming off the build plate, but the end result has some really jagged layers on the overhangs, which is not really acceptable at 0.01mm I feel like. I will try reseating the cables in the back and report back later. Edit: I don't know if it is relatable, but after doing a bunch of manual leveling of the build plate, the screws reach a certain height. After this height have been reached, even though I do the manual leveling so everything fits snugly, when the printer afterwards tries to do active leveling, the nozzle hits the build plate before even starting to increment closer to the nozzle. I might be totally off, but shouldn't active leveling be relative to the manual leveling or is it always starting from a specific point? Best regards Martin Pedersen
  8. Hello everyone So I am running a Create space along with some other students at my academy and we have four ultimaker 3's One of them is giving us a lot of struggle which I have tried solving by looking at every post in the forum regarding the nozzle touching the print. We are experiencing that after a few layers of printing, the nozzle starts colliding with the print, as if there have been extruded to much filament and the layers become to high. https://ibb.co/5cz4H7S So our initial build plate was bent and we replaced it with a new one from a maintenance kit. The cooling is set to 100% at all time and we also replaced the radial fan with a new one from the maintenance kit. The Z screw is not making any noise when moving up or down and it is lubricated. We are printing in PLA at a layer height of 0.1mm, print temp 200-210deg C, print speed is at 50m/s Out of the four printers, this is the only one which is giving us trouble, which causes me to believe that it is a hardware malfunction somewhere. I hope that I somehow described our problem well enough for someone to make a diagnose, because it is starting to drive me crazy 😛 Please let me know if you need any more info Best regards Martin Pedersen
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