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  1. Hi there, since I used too much lubrificant on the topside of the metal rods I kinda ruined the headboard that is responsible for heating/cooling and so on. It wasn´t ruined all the way but enough to make my prints ugly... I think some of the connectors were shorted because of the oil... Now I got some replacements but the printhead cable doesn´t seem to be an easy replacement. So I am asking some of you if there is a video or some important explanation out there as to what screws to unlock in order to replace that cable. I don´t want to mess around with the encasing in order to creat more problems than to solve buth the cable runs through a cable canal which isn´t secured with screws and a the bottom there is a plastic cover that is screwed to the bottom of the UM3. So my first guess would be to loosen the screws that hold this plastic cover but I don´t see screws to hold the cover for the side that protects the cable and I don´t want to unscrew the whole printer. I hope that the engeneers do have thought about another way of getting the cable out save and sound without having to rebuild the machine basically from scrath just to be able to remove (replace) this cable... Any instructions about this would be highly appreciated. Thank you Daniel
  2. Hi Enigma_M4, checked it and you were right. The thing was infact the part that lockst the printheadcable into place... Problem solved... Thx!!!
  3. Hi everyone, in the past weeks I seemed to have an automatic leveling problem. So I took the long road to figure out that it probably is the pcb-Board that holds the cores that has a defect (was probably even me crashing it while som of the lube came into the WRONG place and shorted something...) Anyhow I ordered a new one now and when I get it I will reasseble the Printhead. The disassebly wasn´t that complicated although something had to happen (as alway) the printhead threw out a small tiny peace that actually I lack of finding where it should have been fitting before.. Sad but true and before I reassemble the whole core again missing out exactly this part (which will probably destroy earth when forgotten). I ask some of you --> maybe also one that already has done the disassembly part what this is for and even more important. Where I need to put it again that it should do its job it was constructed for... Greetings to everybody Daniel PS: The piece is around 10,6mm long and about 7,85 mm wide (to give you an impression on how tiny the thingy is)..
  4. ... after a firmware reset I still have the trouble but now it is saying (see picture). As well the both nozzles were pushed all the way until the end (so far that even the printbed did distort itself a bit). I really believe now that the both sensors are gone with the wind... I need a way of testing them..
  5. Hi kfsone, thank you for your exact describtion of things that could help but I think it really is not the printbed or the tip of the nozzles. I already checked if the sensors would be cut of (cable loose) but that doesn´t seem to be the problem. The rest is fine. I also right now (as I did for the past 3 month) do the manual leveling but that isn´t just as good as it was... as well the prints to get a bit different then they were before. Maybe someone can help me with some fotos where to measure the sensors and put the tips of the diode-tester in order to find out if they are still ok and what they should read. That would be a next step. As well I have the issue that the printbed stops completely half way up and only then continues the way to the nozzles. The they have 2 choices 1. Then stop 5 mm before they would even touch the nozzles and then return with an error that the differenz bezween the 2 nozzles are too big.. or 2. They touch the printbed and the same error cums up.. (again: the printbed is perfectly alined.. there is no glue or anything else on the printbed. Just the original glasplate). My guess or the sensors are giving out alien signals or the firmware is somewhat corrupted but the latter I don´t think so because it wasn´t becoming any better with an upgrade I did 3 weeks ago... Help is still apprecciated...
  6. Hey and greetings again... do you have any news regarding the fixing of the automatic levelling problem? I still don´t know what exactly is or could be wrong with the UM3... Can I take other steps to eliminate the printbed from stopping half way to the cores and then don´t even touching them? It is pretty sad that I can not use the printer anymore now for almost 3 weeks and there is no clue what I could do to search or narrow in the problem.. See you and have a nice easter holiday Greetings Daniel
  7. Hi Trueblondegod, thank you for the post, but I don´t get the same error that you got. With mine it just sais that the printheads are too far of (exeeds limit), but the printbed stops two times (once in the middle before the printheads moove and then before even touching the coretips so there must be somethine else wrong)... I´ld love to show you the vid, but I don´t get to upload .mp4-Files here... The second thread was exactly, what I thought too, but the cables are attached to the board so this won´t be the problem either... only if the sensors have a defect. I have a capacitor-meter but I would need some advice on how to read them propperly (e.g. if the machine is runnig, or even doing a leveling test... in this case I would have to dismount them and test them but again this is a moving machine so I would need exact help to be able to execute this kind of a test.) Maybe someone of you already did it and can tell me which contacts to test and what the meter should read at each point. That would at least eliminate the problem of not knowing if the sensors would be defective.. Thanks for any further advice and have a good week. Greetings Daniel
  8. Hey Forumists, now I have a complete different problem since a couple of weeks. 1. Tha automatic levelling is not working propperly anmore. 2. I did pretty much all that was recommended in previous forums... Build plate issue, changed nozzeles, updated firmware etc.. nothing works. 3. The cables for the sensor seem to be in place as well 4. can someone check the log-Files to see if the sensors themselves are defective? Is there some other issue to that? I would like to attach a video so that you can see what exactly is happening to the system. It also comes to a halt in the middle of the Z-axis, which before it didn´t do... is this supposed to be this way? Then it stops 2-3 cm befor it touches the nozzle (before it stopped ca. 1mm before the nozzle) and it does the ministeps but after a while it just aborts and goes back down telling me to check the nozzles or that the difference between them would be too high. But that is bogus because nothing changed and all the settings remained the samt. It came this way after I updated the firmare of the printer... ah and sometimes it works 1 time out of 15 tries but still the print is not working :-(. The only thing I can do right now is manual levelling but this is a p... ! Please someone from UM3, feel free to post something useful as I can not always do a manual levelling. Before this the prints were smooth and clean. now they are really hard to get them to stick to the bed propperly. I want the automatic levelling to work again. Thanks for any further advice. Sincerely Daniel PS: Wanting to show the film I learned that you don´t allow .mp4. Why? Just converting the video did cost me 1 hour of time (onlinconverter) and quality is poor and the video, which was 50MB in .mp4 now has 225 MB in .GiF. I don´t get it... is there an easier way? PPS: I couldn´t even upload the animated gif now... it is 220MB big the max size you say should be 511MB big and when it´s up after 40 mins. it´s just saying "Upload failed" and it shows an -200 sign in the window. So I´ll just post the issue now without the vid unless you tell me how I get it to be visible...
  9. Hi SandervG, thank you for your help. But that was the first thing I tried and the new account replied that there was no account filed under this mail... and to retrieve the account merely by the Nick isn´t possible. So that is why I then set up another account... Maybe there is another solution to it. Have a nice weekend. Greetings Daniel
  10. Hi SandervG, just came across this post and I have to admit, that it happened to mee, too. My previous Nick was HarryPlotter and I couldn´t sign in anymore. I still have the PW and it is long enough. So maybe you can help me out, too because my prev. post helped me out somehow or I sometimes tend to "update" them, if I have news. Now I have written about one problem of me, but since the 13.03 no one seemed to have "aprroved" my topic. Could you have a look there too please? Hope that reaches you Sincerely Daniel
  11. Dear Community, at first probably there is to say that I had to reinstall my Password as my old nick was somehow eliminated... so that is done now! Strange but true... Now to my problem. Since a few weeks I am experiencing a rather strange kind of problem. I have a stringing and blopping-problem on the prints. BUT ONLY ON ONE SIDE... I left some fotos of the actual print for you so you can see the difference from one side to the other... I don´t know with parameter to tweek here as the problem does not seem to be equally distributed. Anyhow I tried the ususal things like retraction speed z-hop and so on but there is no real improvement. And it never happened before. Filament is the same (CF-20). I use a special non abbrasive rubi.nozzle for it.. So if anybody has any idea what kind of problem causes this I would be very happy. Greetings Daniel
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